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Driving supply chain efficiency is where ORBIS excels.

Our reusable plastic pallets, totes, dunnage and bulk systems improve the flow of product to reduce costs, enhance profitability and add sustainability.

Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of product all along the food and beverage supply chains for improved food safety, reduced risk of product damage, improved cleanliness and enhanced supply chain performance.

ORBIS’ core strength is the ability to innovate, design and manufacture products for leading companies in a wide range of industries.

Since each packaging application is different, ORBIS offers the capability to custom design products to meet your specific packaging needs.

From concept to production, ORBIS offers a broad range of design, process and material capabilities that result in cost-effective solutions that meet your demanding packaging requirements.

By design, plastic reusable packaging can be fully recycled and used in other useful products at the end of its service life.

Using a proven approach, ORBIS experts analyze their customers’ systems, design a solution and execute a reusable packaging program for longer-term cost savings and sustainability.

Analyze: Carefully analyze the current system to determine a preliminary recommendation
Prove: Demonstrate return on packaging investment
Design: Fully plan and design the solution
Implement: Seamless integration
Evolve: Continuous improvement

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Orbis BulkPak containers are available in two different heights and are specially designed to optimize truckload transport of full and collapsed containers.

Fully self contained when collapsed, with single or two part hygienic sleeve and can be supplied in varied heights. Sleeves can be of different thickness to suit the application.

Orbis Solid-Color Flipak Totes offer multiple container sizes with attached hinged covers that keep contents safe and secure when shipping or distributing. These containers stack when closed or nest when open to provide the most efficient use of available space on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse, inside a truck trailer or in the back room of a retail outlet. These are ideal for use in many types of order picking, closed-loop distribution, and storage applications.

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